Guided is our digital brand guide platform built for the form and function of today’s brands.

The source of brand truth for brand managers.

Why Guided?

Stay united and aligned

Guided streamlines teamwork by serving as a universal source of truth, accessible anywhere and always up to date. This makes it easier for internal teams and agency partners to stay aligned and collaborate effectively.

Keep your brand consistent

Up-to-date brand guidelines ensure that everyone is aligned, guaranteeing that your creative output remains consistently on-brand, regardless of who is working on it.

A solution to scale

Guided has been designed to scale with your brand. Add new sections, features, and evolve your brand guidelines alongside your business.

Tailored to your brand

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of templated digital brand guides, we tailor your Guided platform to the specific elements of your brand’s identity, strategy, and messaging.

Update without developer assistance

Built on our proven WordPress website framework, Guided offers a user-friendly experience similar to our Made websites. It empowers brand owners with the ability to swiftly and effortlessly update their platform, without needing developer involvement.

Being guided means moving with confidence. It’s having your entire team rowing in the same direction. It’s a central source of truth and standards that evolve with your identity.

From idea to online platform

The Guided story


Our branding background

Driven has been working across the full lifecycle of brand for 15 years. From building identities to expressing them across the countless touch points, brand has always been at our core. Over the years, everything about the field has changed. From the form and function of brand, to the way teams work.


The PDF problem

Modern brands and businesses are characterised by persistent evolution. This shift challenges traditional methods of brand management. Once the industry standard, PDF brand guidelines are no fit for the brands of today. They are fundamentally rigid—a problem for our clients, who needed a system that could be easily updated, adapted, and shared.


Answering the call

We searched high and low for a solution that would deliver the flexibility, security, and customisation our clients needed for their brand guidelines. With existing avenues falling short of our vision, our only option was to build our own brand guide platform. So that’s what we did.

Our brand refresh at Help was a big project, and Driven really helped us not only create our new look and feel, but provide support for our brand rollout. In the past, we used print or PDF style guides for our brand, but with Driven’s online platform ‘Guided,’ it’s been much easier to manage everything. We can update the platform as we go, which is super flexible, especially when we need downloadable assets to provide to suppliers. Would definitely recommend the transition to online style guides!

Jacob Irvine – Marketing Project Lead, Help Enterprises


Who is Guided made for?

Guided is for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup, a growing business, or a large organisation, the platform can be shaped to your specific requirements.

Why should I choose Guided over other online brand guides?

Guided was made by us, for our clients. An Australian made and owned platform, it’s been created based on our years of experience of making countless brand guidelines, and speaking with our clients about the changing shift in needs when it comes to access, version control, and sharing their brand rules.

We’ve tried other platforms, but we always found there’s always something that doesn’t work for the businesses we work with. Guided offers flexibility, customisation, and most importantly is supported directly by the team at Driven. Not only do we do all the setup and customise the experience based on your brand, we’re just a phone call away to offer ongoing support, and we’ll work with your business on developing your brand guidelines together as it changes and grows

My organisation has various sub-brands. Do I need an individual Guided site for each one?

Yes, Guided is perfectly equipped to handle multiple sub-brands, making it an ideal fit for organisations with diverse brand portfolios.

Am I able to update my guidelines after they’ve been published?

Yes. Users with editor access are able to edit and update your brand guide at any time.

Is Guided a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution?

Guided allows for storing files and links, but it isn’t intended to serve as a complete DAM solution. 

By linking out to external asset libraries and brand resources, Guided functions as a central brand hub — ensuring easy access to all your brand assets.

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