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We are an independent creative agency specialising in brand, design and digital. We believe the best way to work is in close partnership with our clients. By understanding their business and their audiences, we are able to take on their challenges and craft effective, design led solutions.

How we work



Ideas that work require a deep understanding of the business’ needs, the audience and the marketplace. We gather information by listening, experiencing and asking all the right questions. We don't move forward until we uncover the bigger picture and get to the heart of the problem.



There are many ways of looking at the same problem. We keep an open mind while we create a range of ideas and explore different directions. We do all this in the search of new creative territories to test, develop and craft.



We are passionate about creating meaningful work. We pride ourselves on our craft and make every detail count. No matter how big or small the project, we don’t stop until it’s right. The first answer isn't always the right answer but it's one step closer to a solution that works.



We believe that working in partnership with our clients results in long-term relationships which, in turn, produce the most effective work. This approach means we often continue the creative journey well after the first brief. We measure our success by how well we have solved our client’s business problems - together.


Jordan Neenan Jordan Neenan
Jordan Neenan

With over a decade web technology experience under his belt, Jordan brings the expertise needed to build any type of web platform in-house, from large e-commerce sites to JavaScript animation. Coupled with a broader knowledge of user experience, SEO, systems architecture and DevOps, his role as Head of Digital makes sure that the solutions we build for our clients are not only appropriate, but also use the most up to date technology to make sure your platform is secure and successful.

Head of Digital
Brett Johns Brett Johns
Brett Johns

Brett Johns is a creative thinker who loves to help brands communicate in meaningful and memorable ways. With a desire to keep things interesting, Brett believes it’s important to stay curious and never stop exploring for the right answer. His passion for solving problems is steered by empathy and a drive for producing good-simple ideas. He has worked on projects for a range of national brands such as Amart Furniture, Lotto, Samsung, Toms, Balvenie Whiskey and more recently, InvoCare.

Lead Creative
Katie Morse Katie Morse
Katie Morse

Katie is our highly efficient project manager with an eye for detail. She has direct contact with our clients every step of the way to manage timelines, budgets and everything in between. No task is ever too small, Katie is always eager to help and wants to make sure our clients are always happy.

Project Manager
Graham Potts Graham Potts
Graham Potts

Since 2010, Graham has been helping brands and businesses across the globe articulate who they are, what they do, and why they do it. He has a track record of creating award winning designs and delivering breakthrough innovation work. His experience lead him to become highly skilled in product design and brand identity. Combining these two skills to deliver real human
experiences, that will add huge value to your business and your customers. After recently relocating to Australia from London, Graham joined the Driven team as our Lead Designer.

Lead Designer
Tyler Russell Tyler Russell
Tyler Russell

A common thread of Tyler’s work comes from a love for encouraging playful communication in a user’s emotions to create meaningful connection. Across the five formative years before graduating with an honours degree in 2020, Tyler had built herself a strong entry portfolio to stand out amongst her peers while coordinating freelancing, study and unique opportunities through this journey. One of these opportunities landed Tyler as the principal in house graphic designer of a leading winery producing all creative and branding collateral. This pressurised role gave Tyler experience of fast-paced design practices before graduating and a thirst to explore the industry further.

Junior Designer
Ben Maunder Ben Maunder
Ben Maunder

Over the past decade Ben has grown Driven from a one-man band into a well-respected team of talented individuals. Raised in western Queensland, Ben leads with honest, down to earth country values. His background has taught him that to produce great work you need determination, a sense of community and an appetite for hard work. There’s always a way to fix a problem, even if you don’t have the necessary tools or time - you just have to approach it from another angle.

Managing Director
Zal Meher-Homji Zal Meher-Homji
Zal Meher-Homji

You’re in very good hands with Zal, our Digital Account Director. He’s highly experienced and leads our team of developers, designers and user experience experts on digital projects. On top of his excellent project management skills, Zal is a specialist in increasing workplace efficiencies and nurturing stakeholder relationships for our clients. He’s already created exceptional results with digital projects for Woolworths and some of their sub-brands.

Account Director
Renee Maunder Renee Maunder
Renee Maunder

Renee understands first hand what it takes to really understand clients’ business and deliver exceptional work. Over her 20-year career she’s held a variety of agency roles including Pre-press Manager, Designer, Studio Manager and Account Director. The breadth of her experience arms her with invaluable insights so that all projects flow seamlessly and successfully.

General Manager
Shane Agard Shane Agard
Shane Agard

Shane is a diligent, dedicated graphic designer who strives to create well thought out, meaningful design executions. He’s been with Driven for 9 years now and still constantly brings something fresh to his work. Shane has a talent for interpreting even the most complicated design briefs and he’s unstoppable until he’s cracked it.

Senior Designer



  • Research
  • Positioning
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand story
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Digital strategy


  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand design
  • Brand voice
  • Photography
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stewardship


  • Web
  • Campaign
  • Content creation
  • Print
  • Environmental
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing & SEO



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Hymix Brand Identity
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