Made by Driven

A website solution that has been created to answer the need for a quality, easy to use, and affordable website that is backed and supported by an award winning branding and digital agency.

How it works

A Made website solution allows you to work directly with a digital project manager. Together, we work with you on establishing your websites needs and make sure everything aligns with your brand. We then build the structure of your site from our library of custom made content blocks. On completion your website is ready for now and future growth.

Working with Driven to develop a new website on their Made platform was an easy, straightforward and seamless process. From the initial workshop to the training session with the team, each step in the process was well communicated and easy to work through with the team supported every step of the way. We are delighted by the end result, a site which meets our evolving needs and is easy to interact with when we need to add additional content or change existing content.

Adele C – Marketing, Brand & CX Manager, Medibank Health Services

A drag and drop website builder is not a new concept. However, with many DIY solutions you lose some of the important functionality your site may need. A staging environment is something we find to be very beneficial for clients – you can review your site before going live, and if we work with you to add big changes in the future, you can review them and prepare before making them available to the public.

Why is Made different?

Once your website is built using the Made framework, your reliance on developer or agency intervention reduces significantly. A Made website gives you the freedom to easily build up new pages on your site, edit your content, create landing pages, and more. You are not limited by page templates or order of content, and the measures we put in place ensures that whatever you do looks great and is on brand.

Features and benefits


Designed for business

Made is the culmination of our years of expertise of working on bespoke websites. We understand most websites utilise certain types of content to get the business’ message to their audience. Common types of content like copy with well-placed imagery, forms, call-to-actions, and maps are integral to most sites. We have also developed additional content blocks that come as standard with any Made site to ensure you have the flexibility to build compelling and useful pages.


Building a page

Made sites use a customised, simple editor in WordPress which ensures adding new pages, editing text, changing images, and moving the page content around is easy. We listened to our customers to ensure the Made framework allows you to do all this out-of-the-box without the need for technical skills.


A tiered approach

Websites using the Made approach are available in 3 tiers which are suited to your business, depending on your requirements. All of them come with ongoing support to ensure your site remains safe, backed up, and up-to-date. We offer you the flexibility to choose a tier that suits your budget and ongoing needs. We treat every website as unique, so we’ll guide you through each tier in detail, giving you everything you need to decide what’s right for you.


Client painpoints

Clients who came to us always spoke to us about the same pain points in regard to their old website experiences – the agency or developer is unresponsive to their requirements, the website can’t adapt to the changing needs of the business, there are limitations on what it can do, and the list goes on. Switching to Made meant that we could address these problems, and provide our clients with a the solutions they were after.


Made in Brisbane

Made is made by us, for you. We’re not restricted by the limitations of other people’s code, or uncertain functionality of off-the-shelf themes. If you need something specific, we can do it. When you work with us to build a Made site, we sit down with you to make sure the structure, they pages, and the branding is right for your business. Down the track, if a page is not looking how you want it to, we make it easy for you to adjust the content until you’re happy with it.

The Made framework that Driven recommended for our site was quick and easy to develop, which helped us meet our project timelines. Given that we are a small team it has also been very helpful to be able to update our website as and when we need to. This is thanks to the functionality and simplicity of the content blocks, and the training that the team at Driven provided. It has also been wonderful liaising with a local, Brisbane company.

Kate K– Project Officer WASH Conference, International WaterCentre

What will my site look like?

Every Made site is unique. We’re a design and branding agency at heart, so we ensure that your site is true to your business, its goals, and most importantly it will be designed and built to address your customers’ needs. All Made sites will have a library of branded “content blocks” that you can use to make up the structure of any given page. Wondering what you’ll have available? Have a look around this website! All the content on this website is comprised of Made content blocks, the same ones you’ll have access to on your site.

What if I need something more customised?

The tiered approach to Made ensures that we have the flexibility to provide you with options on building more customised content and features into your site, if needed. We’re not limited by theme restrictions or unfamiliar code so in most cases, if you want it we can make it. As your business grows, so can your website over time.

Do I need to be a developer to make updates to my site?

No! In fact Made sites are the opposite. We created Made to be as user friendly as possible, for those who just want to create and change content without the need for a developer’s assistance. Our clients are typically content creators, so we built our solution around their requirements. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Will my site be maintained?

Made websites have an ongoing monthly maintenance and updates included. This maintenance ensures that WordPress, any third party plugins, and other custom features built into your Made site are up to date, limiting security risks to the site. During our maintenance we also take a backup of the site and, after updating, the site is then fully tested to ensure that all is working as intended.

Will my Made site get updates over time?

We are always working to release additional features for all Made sites.  However, after your website is live you may find yourself needing to add something specific that isn’t available in your Made content library. That’s the beauty of working with us on your site! We created Made so we can add more to it. Even if your requirements are only suitable to your business, we can work with you to determine your needs and design and build something just for you.

Do Made sites use a lot of plugins?

We only add the absolutely necessary plugins to your site, and we make sure they pass our quality assessment. Cheap WordPress themes come with a lot of unnecessary add-ons, and this creates headaches for maintenance, can slow your site down, and over time it will increase the security risk to your site. We have a standard, short, trusted list of useful plugins to deliver a lot of functionality out of the box. Our tiered approach to Made sites also accomodate a few extra plugins, if you need them! We assess any additional plugins for security and credibility, and will build them into your site. We even take care of the monthly updates and testing for any additional plugins your site may need.

Do you offer support for Made sites?

We built Made right here, with our developers in Australia. This means that those who know the solution inside-out are ready to answer any questions or give assistance where they can. Things don’t get lost in translation. We do not use a ticketing system or automated support. You have direct access to your project manager and the office phone number. Made sites offer the agency experience, just at a lower cost and less time.

Who created Made?

We are a creative agency in Brisbane, Australia called Driven. We’re a passionate team of senior creatives, strategists, branding specialists, content creators, developers, and we love creating award-winning work for our clients.

Interested in a Made website?