Humanising a technology brand


In 2020, we undertook the significant task of rebranding Computer Merchants, a seasoned player in the IT solutions arena with a four-decade legacy. The business found itself at a crucial juncture, needing to evolve to stay relevant in a rapidly changing technological landscape and shifting customer expectations.

We embarked on a transformative journey to redefine an IT brand that prioritises human interaction at every turn. Empowered by a new name, Truis, the rebrand has acted as a catalyst for sweeping positive change across the entire business — from increased levels of staff engagement, to bottom line business growth.

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Bridging legacy and innovation

Computer Merchants needed a new name and a refreshed visual identity to align effectively with their refocused business goals. We saw a golden opportunity for Truis to set a new standard in the market by adopting a more human-centric approach. The essence of the new brand was inspired by the core value of ‘Togetherness,’ an ethos that places humans first and business second.

Introducing Truis

Inspired by the concept of ‘altruism,’ the name ‘Truis’ encapsulates their customer-centric philosophy. The logo, a series of interlocking puzzle pieces, serves as a visual metaphor for the brand’s problem-solving capabilities. With carefully curated typography, the identity achieves a balance of technological sophistication and approachability, exuding both confidence and care.

A system for engagement

Drawing from the puzzle elements in the logo, we devised a flexible framing device to spotlight key messages and human elements. This design feature amplifies the brand’s problem-solving commitment while keeping human interaction at its core. To enrich the brand’s visual language, we introduced a collection of 3D compositions, offering abstract takes on the puzzle motif.

Digital presence to physical touchpoints

Our collaboration with Truis extended to various rollout initiatives, including creating a custom WordPress website and designing a custom wrap for the iconic Truis Tesla.

Success, together

Post-launch, our partnership with Truis has remained strong. We continue to serve as an extension of their in-house team, providing ongoing support with everything from marketing collateral to website content.

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    Shortlist, Wild Design Awards 2023
    Shortlist, Australian Design Awards 2023
    Gold, Brand Identity DrivenxDesign 2022

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Our business is more than 40 years old, so changing our name was a decision we took very seriously. After receiving strong recommendations for Driven, we proceeded to engage them to help us establish our new name, visual identity and build a marketing strategy to launch it. This experience was exceptional. It was very consultative and Driven did all the heavy lifting. The results of changing our name and refreshing our brand with Driven have been outstanding.”

“The relationship has continued to develop, with the team at Driven doing much more for us. We rely on them to help us with our website, e-commerce platform, and branded content such as videos, EDMs, and case studies. They are wonderful to work with and the results always seem to exceed expectations.

Norm Jefferies | Managing Director, Truis

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