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Truis (originally known as Computer Merchants) have been supporting their clients across the globe with IT solutions for over 40 years. They offer business and IT advice, managed solutions and hardware to businesses both large and small. The company has built an enviable reputation for their customer experience, quality of service and internal culture. As technology advanced and client needs changed, Truis remained committed to their exceptional customer service and expertise in their field, but they needed to further leverage their existing reputation whilst simultaneously conveying their commitment to, and passion for, innovation.

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    Gold – Brand Identity
    DrivenxDesign Awards 2022

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    Darling Consulting
    Ruckus Studio
    Flash Photobition
    Rochele Painting

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    IT Services

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    Logo design
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The time for change

Computer Merchants needed to evolve with a new name (Truis), and a refreshed visual identity to effectively align with their re-focused business goals. The team saw an excellent prospect to lead their market as an innovator with a more human-centred approach.

Following a rigorous research and strategy phase conducted by Darling Consulting, our design team developed a suite of unique design territories underpinned by key brand personality traits, themes and customer insights. The power of the new brand was found in the business value of togetherness, with a human-focus first and business solution second approach.


Introducing Truis

Putting people at the heart

Through our renaming exploration, we focused on being human, being inviting and being empowering. The new name ‘Truis’ was created from the word “Altruism” – the moral practice of concern for the happiness of other people.

The logo uses a framework of simple ‘puzzle pieces’ – to convey the idea of coming together to ‘solve’ the problem. The typography also reflects the technological side of the business whilst retaining a friendly, approachable appearance. The completed logo is bold and minimal, reflecting a confident, trustworthy and expert organisation.

Visual ID

Friendly, personable and engaging

Using the puzzle shapes from the logo marque we also developed an engaging and flexible framing device that can be used to highlight people or frame headlines. The device emphasises the problem solving aspect of the brand whilst putting people front and centre. As an additional brand element, we created a suite of 3D compositions. These show abstract renderings of the ‘puzzle pieces’ and help further demonstrate the idea of problem solving through design thinking.

Our business is over 40 years old, so changing our name was something we took very seriously. After getting strong recommendations on Driven, we proceeded to engage them to help us establish our new name, visual identity and build a marketing strategy to launch it. This experience was exceptional. It was very consultative and Driven did all the heavy lifting. The results of changing our name and refreshing our brand with Driven have been outstanding.

Norm Jefferies
Managing Director, Truis


Catering for multiple audiences

Designed with multiple target audiences in mind, the website had to carefully guide users to areas appropriate to them and describe without technical jargon the solutions and services that Truis offers all clients.

We built the new Truis website using our custom dynamic page builder in WordPress, this allows the client total control over their page layouts and content. Ensuring that all elements of the site are on brand and easy to edit.

Catering for multiple audiences

Vehicle livery

The Tesla

A custom design and wrap for a Tesla was a first for Driven. We worked with the manufacturer to ensure the colour, dimensions and cuts of this special piece of livery were consistent with the brand, considered against the style of car, and applied with care.

The relationship has continued to develop, with the team at Driven doing much more for us. We rely on them to help us with our website, e-commerce platform, and branded content such as videos, EDM's and case studies. They are wonderful to work with and the results always seem to exceed expectations.

Norm Jefferies
Managing Director, Truis


Following the launch of the new brand, website and collateral, we have continued to work alongside Truis with the development of new collateral, website content and advice on implementing the new brand in-house. We are proud to work and support them as an extension of the Truis team.

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