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Pioneer have been producing quality seeds in Australia for over forty years, serving their customers with integrity and unmatched agronomic knowledge to help them succeed. Pioneer know that they have a responsibility to help growers and their operations. All their seed is locally grown and processed to the highest standards, meaning they are delivering farmers with the very best performing products on the market.

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The challenge

Remind Australian growers why they should choose Pioneer

Driven by family values, the company’s field representatives play an essential role. Directly supporting and sharing their broad knowledge with customers while supplying them with products that have been trialled and tested to perform in the toughest of conditions. We needed an idea that would represent the brand’s commitment to quality and Australian growers. The campaign had to highlight the value of Pioneer’s service as a whole, and connect with our target audience on a level they would respect.

Campaign idea

Highlight what growers gain from choosing Pioneer

Pioneer is known for producing a quality product, but for farmers, results can take time. The real value for them like most, lies in happiness and family security. So instead of spotlighting the seasonal gains, we are shifting people’s focus to the long-term benefits you develop from planting a Pioneer seed.

'That's why we choose Pioneer' is an idea based around four family-owned farms located throughout Australia. A series of compelling stories created by documenting the workings of each farm, aims to reflect Pioneer's commitment and cross-generational support from the local Pioneer representatives.

Campaign idea

Genuine stories

Letting the magic happen

Each of the four farms featured in the campaign have a process, a personality and a unique group of people making the cogs turn. By syncing in with the everyday workings on each farm, we were able to capture the sometimes unpredictable moments to create organic and genuine storytelling.

“I absolutely love it when that first rain comes, we do a lot of dry seeding and the dust you get sick of that, but when that first rain comes and the crop emerges 7 days later yeah that’s game on.”

Karl Suckling, Alma WA
Canola Grower

Art direction

In the moment observations

“A genuine farm has no silver linings” – this notion inspired the art direction for the campaign. A documentary-style was chosen to capture honest moments, allowing the viewer to feel part of each story while stabilising the truth behind the multi-channel messaging.

"... like the sorghum and the corn you get it up and you get it growing and you just see it rocketing away and it looks really nice. Your hands just get used to working in that and that’s what you want to do… you just feel happy when you’re doing it.”

Donald Bichel, Lynford QLD
Forage Sorghum Grower

Tone of voice

Authentic testimonies

Real values, real results and genuine partnerships with the Pioneer representatives establish a raw and trustworthy tone of voice for the campaign. Through a series of questions directed at each of the growers, we discovered what matters most to farming families and how Pioneer has assisted them along the way.

“If you’re going to be good at anything you’ve always got to be as close to some sort of important body within the industry that you are playing with and I think our relationship and the closeness we have with the team from Pioneer has helped us along the way"

Allan Ruhle, Ellangowan QLD
Sorghum Grower

Reaching targets

A commitment to quality

Using the ‘That’s why we choose Pioneer’ campaign idea, we were able to showcase real farmers, their stories, and the day-to-day challenges that they face. Celebrating the individuality and authenticity of each grower’s experience with Pioneer, the campaign clearly shows Pioneer’s commitment to quality and to Australian growers.

“Pioneer actually have a fair bit to put into this, because they want to see you make sure you grow a good crop and do it properly, and get the best value for the amount of effort and money to grow that crop.”

Rob Mortlock, Foster VIC
Dairy Farmer

A true team effort

The experts on the ground and behind the lens

Adam Harriden – Creative Director, Driven
Rob Maccoll – Still photography, Saturate
Andrew Maccoll – DOP / Drone, Saturate
Jake Donlen – Cinematographer, Runamuk Visuals
Lee Fielding – Music composition, Pioneer
Katie Macaione – Producer, Driven
Kellie Stewart – Marketing Manager, Pioneer

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