Capturing the wildhood of childhood


Sippy Downs Early Learning Centre, a visionary up-and-comer in the childcare space, recognised the need for a brand shake up. With ambitions to expand their locations and offerings, they needed a fresh brand identity to better represent their evolved purpose and story. They also needed the freedom of a name that wouldn’t tether them to a specific location.

Through a comprehensive research phase, we unearthed the notion that fast became 
the brand’s beating heart: Rewild childhood. This idea captured the brand’s MO of approaching early education in a way that embraces nature, community, holistic wellbeing, and ‘wildhood, not childhood’.

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Nurturing agency

A term used in environmental conservation, rewilding is intentional effort to return nature to its vibrant, natural state — ‘intentional’ being the key word. We realised this concept through a visual identity geared around bringing a curated edge to a wild heart.

Meet Una

Meaning ‘in this place, together’, the new name breaks away from category norms, encouraging families to perceive Una not just as childcare but as a community, philosophy, and way of being that flows into their homes and lives. Channelling the brand’s focus on individuality, we developed a distinctive wordmark that shows an artful touch through its intentionally imperfect letterforms.

The digital experience

Understanding that exceptional word-of-mouth had already filled their waiting lists, Una sought a centralised online hub where families could easily register their interest. In response, we crafted a cost-effective website using our Made builder. The new website not only encapsulates the brand’s core philosophy but also offers the scalability to easily incorporate new locations as the business expands.

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    Early childhood education and care

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    Brand positioning
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