Developing a sustainable brand


Developed by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), EnviroDevelopment is a certification program for sustainable development initiatives. Created to address the growing urgency for environmental responsibility, the program makes it easy for homebuyers to identify and choose eco-friendly developments.

Engaged to help elevate the brand as the nation’s leading sustainability accreditation for property development, we developed a fresh visual identity that speaks with confidence.

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Making a mark on diverse audiences

In our rebranding work with EnviroDevelopment, we aimed to capture the essence of their mission — making sustainable living accessible and recognisable. We refreshed their entire logo suite, including special marks for their EnviroDevelopment Professional membership and project certification tiers.

We aimed for a design language that resonates across audiences. For property developers, these marks are badges of pride in sustainability. For homebuyers, clarity is key; the marks had to be instantly decipherable, serving as guideposts in the journey to eco-conscious living. Beyond individual appeal, we created the marks to harmonise with other logos they’d share space with, be it a developer’s brand or a property’s specific identity.

The geometric leaf

In the realm of sustainable development, the leaf is more than a symbol; it’s an emblem of life, growth, and ecological balance. We created the EnviroDevelopment masterbrand logo by taking this iconic imagery and giving it a geometric twist, encapsulating the brand’s blend of scientific rigour and environmental focus. The unique form and clean lines make the logo easily recognisable — a crucial factor when considering its application across various platforms and alongside other brand identities.

Contemporary by nature

In line with our mission to reflect EnviroDevelopment’s commitment to sustainability, we curated a colour palette that both embraces the ‘green’ spirit of the sector and sets itself apart. Unlike the typical visual identities in this space, which often veer toward either a too-corporate or too-casual aesthetic, the palette offers a fresh, modern alternative.

Streamlining the digital journey

To amplify EnviroDevelopment’s commitment to sustainability, we consolidated their distinct ‘certification’ and ‘living’ websites into a single, user-friendly hub. Designed to serve property developers, professional partners, and the community at large, the platform offers streamlined access to essential resources, including a professional member directory and a directory of certified projects.

Leveraging Driven’s custom website builder, Made, we integrated EnviroDevelopment’s visual elements throughout the site, creating a unified online identity. This rejuvenated website expertly accommodates the needs of diverse stakeholders, while reinforcing EnviroDevelopment’s core mission of sustainability.

  • Client

    Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA)

  • Industry

    Urban Development

  • Services

    Rating architecture
    Design system
    Visual identity
    User interface (UI)
    User experience (UX)
    Website development
    Long format design

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