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InvoCare is an ASX listed company and a leading provider of funeral, crematoria and related services. InvoCare’s brands operate across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals (GHM) are part of the InvoCare Group operating in Brisbane, Redland City, Logan City, Moreton Bay and the surrounding areas in regional Queensland. For 145 years, they have been serving families and the local communities of Queensland.

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George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals Staff


The merger of two Queensland funeral brands

Research showed that after InvoCare merged two well-known Queensland funeral service providers, George Hartnett Funerals and Metropolitan Funerals, the public became a little unsure of what the brand stood for. Some confusion also revolved around the name (George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals) and the service offering, resulting in the brand’s rich Queensland history being forgotten.

Our brief was to position George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals as the preferred funeral service provider for Queenslanders.

The challenge

Finding a new way to talk about death

We needed to carefully re-establish the brand’s position in the local Queensland community with an engaging message. At the same time, we also needed to reinspire GHM’s employees, and find a new way to talk about, and prepare for, death and funerals.

Honouring lives

Uncovering 'the why'

The staff of GHM strive to honour the lives of Queenslanders, past and present. They listen to their customers to ensure they understand their needs on a personal level. By doing this, it allows them to respond with a service that truly represents the life of their customer’s loved one, and is best suited to the family, friends and local community involved.

GHM staff in the park


Letting the heart lead

GHM Funerals offer their services like true Queenslanders do – they follow their hearts and let their hearts lead the services they provide. It’s about understanding their customers on a deeper and more meaningful level. This approach doesn’t always make their job easier, yet it does make their customer’s experience authentic, memorable and real. It allows the life that has passed to be truly honoured and remembered by the moments that matter the most.

‘Follow your heart’ – it’s this approach to living life that has helped shape the state of Queensland into what it is today.

Campaign idea

Starting a conversation about life

Inspired by the ‘follow your heart’ brand purpose, we are celebrating those small moments in life that genuinely make lasting memories. It is a reminder to our Queensland audience – don’t stop doing what makes you happy, because a life well-lived is a life well-remembered.

Farmer at sunrise

Live in the moment. Live on in the memory.
A campaign that encourages people to live a full life.
We've started a conversation about what people do in life, and what defines them - because it's this uniqueness they will eventually leave behind. We did this by posing the question - Who will you be remembered as?

Genuine moments and emotions using real people with real passions

Visual storytelling

Raw, authentic and warm

Genuine and vibrant Queenslanders are the focal point of the stories – the ones who get out there and make the most of life. ‘In the moment shots’, full of character and personality showing real Queenslanders, doing what they love in the locations that they love to call home. This approach allows us to continually expand on the idea and engage with Queenslanders on a hyperlocal level.

Tone of voice

She'll be right mate

There’s no doubt Queenslanders fill their quota of iconic colloquial language, unique traditions and delicious creations. From the famous Queensland lamington, to cheering for your favourite team, these are referenced and incorporated throughout the campaign.

GHM Press advertisement

Social media marketing

Launching 'Live in the moment. Live on in the memory.' on Facebook

To accompany the traditional media spend on TV, outdoor and press, a Facebook campaign was created for three of InvoCare’s traditional funeral brands, including GHM. Purely an awareness and reach campaign, we targeted local Queenslanders, inspiring them to follow their heart by starting the conversation of “who do you want to be remembered as?”.

Reach over the 3 month campaign
Post engagement over the 3 months
Post reactions over the 3 months

“Driven uncovered a key component of what makes our service and directors so unique, and turned it into a campaign unlike any other in our industry - while defining our position and keeping true to our local Queensland voice. They have helped us to start a conversation that will work to change the tone for the funeral industry moving forward.

We are excited to continue developing the campaign and working with the Driven team to find other ways to inspire local Queenslanders to live life to the fullest and make memories every day.”

Fergus Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, InvoCare


Building on the 'follow your heart' positioning

GHM continue to promote their new ‘follow your heart’ positioning through the ‘Live in the moment. Live on in the memory’ multi-channel campaign. By inspiring a local audience to live a big life, GHM have started an important conversation about honouring lives and making the special moments matter for all Queenslanders.

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