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Asthma Australia

For over 50 years, the state run Asthma Foundations were at the forefront of asthma healthcare, education, research and advocacy in Australia – helping improve the lives of those living with asthma. Following the merger of these organisations, Asthma Australia needed a refreshed visual identity that signalled a change in strategy and better represented their new bold, pro-active and empowering approach.

  • Client

    – Asthma Australia

  • Partners

    – Two Thirds Sky
    – Dean Saffron
    – 3P Studio
    – SST Workshop

  • Industry

    – Community Health
    – NFP

  • Services

    – Logo
    – Visual identity
    – Brand video
    – Film production
    – Campaign creative
    – Collateral
    – Social creatives
    – Signage

Bringing to life the overarching brand idea of ‘live freely’, the new identity sets a bold, empowering tone for the brand – emphasising the seriousness of asthma and helping dispel its misconception of being a ‘childhood condition’.

The logo

Live freely

The logo represents the 1 in 9 Australians who currently live with asthma whilst the counter space references the shape formed by an airway during an attack. The ‘free square’ creates a sense of liberation and reflects the ‘live freely’ brand idea.

Overall, the logo has a serious, more mature aesthetic whilst remaining approachable, supportive and community focused.


Breaking stereotypes

Flying in the face of the stereotypical frail asthma ‘victim’ – we developed a bold and empowering hero photography style that demonstrates the sense of confidence and freedom that can be found through effective, modern asthma management. Looking defiantly at the viewer, sufferers are seen confidently ‘breaking free’ from the restraints of their condition. A complimentary, lifestyle library celebrates the everyday moments of joy that can be found when free to live life.

Tone of voice

Speaking up

A bold, ‘campaigner’, tone of voice conveys the seriousness of the condition and helps differentiate Asthma Australia from other ‘for-purpose’ organisations. Inspirational and empowering, the new copy style acts as a rallying call for supporters and sufferers alike.

A bold, confident typographic style emphasises the brand’s new straight-talking approach.

Pull up banners

Internal comms

Engaging staff

Designed in parallel with the master brand, Driven were tasked with developing an internal brand communication style to engage, motive and inspire staff.

Rolled out across all internal comms, the new style echoes much of the external brand ID whilst striking a slightly softer, more playful and relaxed tone.

Brand styleguide

Following an intensive journey to uncover the new strategic positioning for Asthma Australia, we engaged Driven to bring the brand to life with a new visual identity. Driven's creative process worked perfectly for our team of stakeholders, by providing everyone an opportunity to contribute during this dramatic change for the organisation.

I found the Driven team incredibly professional, personable, willing to go the extra mile to explore a variety of design solutions in order to find the right one. We absolutely love the finished product and look forward to continuing our relationship with them and further delivering the Asthma Australia message to help people with asthma ‘live freely'. The team at Driven are absolute champions.

Kathy Packenas
General Manager - Marketing, Communications and Engagement


Ongoing support

Driven continue to support Asthma Australia as the new brand helps them empower, educate and inspire those with asthma to ‘live freely’.

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