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Mipac offer Australian and international clients engineering services for process control and optimisation. With over 30 years of experience, they have gained a solid reputation for their ability to solve complex problems. Mipac were looking to shift perceptions of being predominantly a ‘project only’ supplier to that of a more diverse ‘service and solutions’ offering. Keeping engineering the core focus, they were keen to gradually expand the ‘tech’ and product side of the business.

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Evolution not revolution

With over 30 years of equity tied to their existing brand, it was decided that a subtle evolution would be the best course of action.

Having been used (in various iterations) since the company’s founding, the logo had become stale and had lost all original meaning. We viewed this as an opportunity to modernise the brand – creating a new rational whilst helping transition Mipac into a more ‘tech’, data-driven space.



Logo update

The updated brand appears modern and forward thinking whilst also conveying a strong sense of quality, collaboration, integrity and flexibility.

The refreshed marque was data inspired in its design, showing Mipac as forward thinking, collaborative, data driven and dynamic. The existing Mipac blue and yellow colours were adjusted and updated to appear more contemporary and provide standout in an often predictable industry.

Mipac logo rational
Man in control room

Brand Style

Data device

Using the new logo as a basis, we created a flexible ‘data device’ that can be applied across branded materials. This device reflects the technological, data driven aspect of Mipac’s business and can also be used to highlight their commitment to partnership and collaboration.

Mipac supporting graphic device


Brand Application

Working in partnership with the client, we rolled out the new brand identity across office interiors, stationery, print marketing and exhibition materials. We also created an in-depth brand guidelines document to ensure consistent usage across any future materials.

Mipac brochure

Mipac trade show stand

With a large majority of work coming from the mining sector, the refreshed identity will aid Mipac in their strategy to reduce reliance on the industry's cyclical nature and help open up new markets such as oil, gas and energy.

Logo on product
Mipac product

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