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Hymix has been manufacturing and transporting concrete throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria for over 50 years. Historically the focus of the business has been broad. However in recent years the larger projects have proven to be problematic, tying up the delivery fleet and other critical resources across the business.

Hymix needed a new brand strategy so they could go smaller – targeting the consumer market alongside the more traditional residential builders, pool builders and small to medium sized commercial projects.

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Hymix employee smiling


It's About Time

Demand for concrete continues to rise, but with this growth has come a decline in the way the industry does business. With confidence and trust at an all-time low, quality and reliable service has taken a backseat. Business relationships have become short-term and transactional with delayed or inaccurate delivery times causing frustration and grinding construction sites to a halt.

We facilitated a number of strategy workshops, engaging everyone from high-level management through to truck drivers and sales representatives.

‘It’s about time’ demonstrates that time, not concrete, is Hymix’s most valued commodity. Separating them from their competitors, it celebrates their commitment to realistic delivery times and their dedication to keep projects moving. It also acts as a rallying call to shake up the industry and start treating customers with the respect and transparency they deserve.

"Driven helped us define what we stand for, our purpose, and how our brand values and behaviours can empower our internal teams. The range of workshops led to a strategy we unanimously agree is right for our brand moving forward."

Luke Pischedda
Queensland State Manager

The logo

The H Arrow

Formed with a single, flowing line, the ‘H Arrow’ demonstrates Hymix’s promise to keep projects moving. The logo is bold and striking, with a strong sense of movement and forward momentum.

Designed to appeal to both the consumer and trade audience, the marque is friendly and approachable whilst maintaining a trustworthy and dependable appearance.

Hymix logo rational

Brand ID

Dynamic Arrows

Referencing the angles in the logo we developed a flexible ‘dynamic arrow’ device that can be applied across materials.

Conveying a sense of movement, it gives the brand some added personality and creates a unique visual style that is instantly recognisable as Hymix.

Hymix notebooks


People first, concrete second

In line with the new strategy, photography looks beyond the concrete and instead focuses on the human aspect of the brand. Imagery is warm and personable and stands in stark contrast to that of the competition.

This people-centric approach humanises the brand and instils a sense of trust. This will appeal to all target audiences, particularly the consumer market.

Hymix woman driving
Father and daughter with toy cars
Family by the pool
Hymix staff talking
Family driveway


Giving the client control

We built the new Hymix website from the ground up in WordPress, utilising our custom dynamic page builder which allows the client full control over future page layouts and content.

Carefully designed with all audiences in mind, the new website features a ‘concrete calculator’ and ‘product share’ tool that will directly appeal to the consumer.

Giving the client control
Hymix icons
Hymix call center


Re-thinking every detail

We worked alongside Hymix on the architecture of their various sub-brands. Each product was given its own identity and clear value propositions within the brand family. To make things simpler we designed a suite of bespoke icons that highlight the key features of each product.

Re-thinking every detail

Vehicle Livery

Constant priceless exposure

As one of the brands most visible assets, the agitator truck livery has an important role in building brand recall. Featuring the new Hymix marque and ‘dynamic arrow’ device, the new barrel livery is unlike anything else in the industry.

With the truck body and barrel mechanisms produced and supplied by different manufacturers, we worked in conjunction with all parties to ensure a consistent, cohesive and impactful end result.

Paper dummy barrels
Barrel spin closeup
Barrel spin truck
Barrel stencil WIP
Brand guidelines


Moving forward together

Following a successful brand launch, we continue to work together in close partnership.

As an extension of the Hymix team we support them in a wide range of brand services – safeguarding the brand and ensuring consistent, effective communications.

"Together we achieved a full end to end rebrand that was insightful, creative and collaborative. We are thrilled with the end result. Through the whole process Driven were personable, easy going and organised which made the project even better."

Luke Pischedda
Queensland State Manager

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