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Pioneer Seeds

Pioneer Seeds are Australia’s leading seed producer. Having changed hands from an international corporation to a family owned business, Pioneer asked us to develop a new brand position with a narrowed focus and consistent voice.

Inspired by the family values that drive Pioneer and the science that goes into developing a world class seed, we shaped a new brand positioning. Focusing first on the long-term partnerships between Pioneer and the grower, we then turned to the level of effort, teamwork and innovation that goes into a single Pioneer seed.

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    Pioneer Brand Products

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    Bronze BADC 2016

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    Brand strategy
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Farmers walking through field
Corn Crop

Brand Positioning

Researched Trialed and Trusted. Every single seed

In search of a meaningful insight, we held group workshops with key business personnel, product managers and growers to understand the inner workings of each stage of the Pioneer/grower relationship. We concluded that the relationship starts with a seed that is a proven performer backed by science, and thoroughly tested under various growing conditions.

Advice and knowledge is constantly shared between the Pioneer area manager and the grower, promoting better crops, improved yields and a fostering of trusted long term business relationships. Around both these insights, we introduced a new positioning for Pioneer. Researched, trialed and trusted. Every single seed. 

Researched, trialed and trusted. Every single seed

Design Style

A flexible layout grid

Following an audit of all existing collateral, we developed a consistent brand style that would work across all corporate materials whilst also translating across campaign work and other touchpoints going forward.

The ‘image grid’ framework allows for a storytelling approach to the imagery where different stages of the crop can be shown, inviting the viewer to create their own narrative. Showcasing both the Pioneer rep and grower also helps strengthen the idea of partnership and collaboration.

Brochure covers
Woman holding corn
Canola exhibition stand


Capturing real relationships

We commissioned and art directed a photographic library to reflect the new brand position, focusing on capturing real-world Pioneer-grower relationships. This approach also allowed us to showcase the people and research that goes into creating every Pioneer seed.

Man writing on chalkboard
Tractor in field
Pioneer seed bags
Man sorting seeds


The journey of a Pioneer seed

In addition to printed and digital assets, we were tasked with translating the ‘image grid’ concept across a national television campaign. In partnership with Two Little Indians Film Production, we art directed and wrote a distinctive spot that showcased a seed’s journey from research and development, to the grower.

Creating a consistent voice

Product Campaigns

A previous downside of the Pioneer brand was a lack of consistency across individual product campaigns. Differing styles across each campaign resulted in weakened ties to the parent Pioneer brand. Developing a consistent header and footer as part of the ‘image grid’ system helped combat this issue – allowing us to create individual campaign styles for each product range whilst keeping everything consistently ‘Pioneer’.

Magazine advert

"The Driven team are approachable, communicate well, are meticulous, reliable and consistent. I find they truly care about our business and the success of the brand and believe like myself, they too are often thinking about our work together beyond our usual business hours. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Driven and anticipate our next season with enthusiasm and gusto."

Kellie Stewart, Marketing & Communication Lead
GenTech Seeds Pty Ltd


Celebrating valued relationships

An extension of the partnership ethos, The 400, was developed as a sub-brand to Pioneer. An exclusive club for their most loyal and valued growers, The 400 is a celebration of the relationships these growers have with the Pioneer brand.

We developed a modern logotype which reflects the exclusive nature of the scheme whilst paying homage to stencilled letterforms used on hessian seed bags. The chosen deep purple colour gives the a brand sense of importance and further enhances its exclusive tone.

400 logo on polo
400 farmer hat

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