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We are an independent creative agency specialising in brand, design and digital. We believe the best way to work is in close partnership with our clients. By understanding their business and their audiences, we are able to take on their challenges and craft effective, design led solutions.

How we work



Ideas that work require a deep understanding of the business’ needs, the audience and the marketplace. We gather information by listening, experiencing and asking all the right questions. We don't move forward until we uncover the bigger picture and get to the heart of the problem.



There are many ways of looking at the same problem. We keep an open mind while we create a range of ideas and explore different directions. We do all this in the search of new creative territories to test, develop and craft.



We are passionate about creating meaningful work. We pride ourselves on our craft and make every detail count. No matter how big or small the project, we don’t stop until it’s right. The first answer isn't always the right answer but it's one step closer to a solution that works.



We believe that working in partnership with our clients results in long-term relationships which, in turn, produce the most effective work. This approach means we often continue the creative journey well after the first brief. We measure our success by how well we have solved our client’s business problems - together.


Ben Maunder Ben Maunder
Ben Maunder

With more than 20 years of creative industry experience and 13 years at the helm of Driven, there’s not much Ben can’t do. He knows design, brand, strategy, business, and most importantly – the value of hard work.

Shaped by his western Queensland upbringing, Ben leads with down-to-earth values. His experience has taught him that to do great work, you need lateral thinking, gumption, and a sense of community.

Managing Director
Zal Meher-Homji Zal Meher-Homji
Zal Meher-Homji

Before starting with Driven in 2017, Zal spent over a decade in digital consultancy where he partnered with several national NFPs and publicly traded companies. This tenure equipped Zal with a strong commercial acumen and an in-depth understanding of various market landscapes.

At Driven, Zal leads stakeholder engagement and internal operations. Propelled by empathy, Zal knows that to build meaningful partnerships, teams, and communities – you must know how to see beyond your own perspective.

General Manager | Strategist
Katie Morse Katie Morse
Katie Morse

Our Account Director, Katie, is Driven’s linchpin. She keeps everything and everyone connected. She facilitates client-team alignment. She guides our creative team to design outcomes that connect. And she keeps our clients in the loop at every step of the way.

Katie is driven by her curiosity to discover what makes brands tick. Her desire to understand people, businesses, brands, and share that knowledge with others is what keeps all project stakeholders on track to achieving exceptional results for all.

Account Director
Renee Maunder Renee Maunder
Renee Maunder

Renee understands first hand what it takes to really understand clients’ business and deliver exceptional work. Over her 20-year career she’s held a variety of agency roles including Pre-press Manager, Designer, Studio Manager and Account Director. The breadth of her experience arms her with invaluable insights so that all projects flow seamlessly and successfully.

Client Manager
Aymee Tye-Anderson Aymee Tye-Anderson
Aymee Tye-Anderson

Fusing her passion for creative systems and her background as a designer, Aymee brings an intentional and humanist approach to the design process.

She facilitates the journey of both our clients and team, led by conversation and curiosity, until no stone is left unturned. Empowered by the love for the craft and driving impact on all scales, she aims to cultivate experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Account Manager
Natalie van der Rijt Natalie van der Rijt
Natalie van der Rijt

Natalie’s 20 years of creative experience across many countries, sectors, and industries has given her a diverse tapestry from which to draw inspiration.

Nat’s biggest passion is for branding. Her genuine enthusiasm and love of the strategic process powers her ability
to create meaningful, memorable, award-winning brand experiences that truly resonate
with audiences.

Creative Lead
Amelia Fynes-Clinton Amelia Fynes-Clinton
Amelia Fynes-Clinton

Our Copywriter/Brand Strategist, Amelia, is guided by simplicity – as a philosophy, as a practice, as an aspiration.

She believes that knock-out creative work is the kind that hits on real human truths. Equipped with her writer’s toolkit, Amelia loves nothing more than uncovering and articulating good-simple ideas to pave the way for memorable brand experiences.

Copywriter | Brand Strategist
Jordan Neenan Jordan Neenan
Jordan Neenan

Backed by over a decade of experience in web technology, Jordan believes that the key to creating stellar digital experiences is putting the end user at the heart of the development process.

As Head of Digital, Jordan brings this philosophy to life every day at Driven. Jordan’s practised hands are instrumental in the success of each and every digital project that comes through our studio. Specialising in everything from development, to UX/UI, to web animation - with Jordan, the digital possibilities are boundless.

Head of Digital
Shane Agard Shane Agard
Shane Agard

The thing Shane loves most about design is the endless possibilities of each project – in design, there’s thousands of solutions to a single problem. Choosing which direction to go takes creativity, strategic thinking, and rock solid instincts. After 11+ years with Driven, Shane has these in spades.

As our Senior Designer, Shane uses design, UX, and UI to visually communicate complex concepts in digestible and engaging ways.

Senior Designer
Cristina Aguarón Cristina Aguarón
Cristina Aguarón

Cristina thrives outside her comfort zone. Whether it’s moving across the world; evolving her career from account executive to designer; or working in the fast-paced environment of international giants Leo Burnett, Havas, and Publicis – she doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Her drive to continually progress her craft means that Cristina’s visual language is ever-evolving, strategic, and a little daring.




  • Research
  • Positioning
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand story
  • Brand voice
  • Brand architecture
  • Digital strategy


  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand design
  • Design frameworks
  • Messaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stewardship


  • Websites
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Materials rollout
  • Environmental
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing



Australian Design Awards Shortlist
Truis Brand Identity
BADC Bronze
FarOut! Brand Identity
Good Design Award
DrivenxDesign Awards Gold
Truis Brand Identity
BADC Finalist
Abrik Logo
DrivenxDesign Awards Silver
Hymix Brand Identity
Hymix Brand Identity
BADC Silver
Hymix Logo
BADC Bronze
Driven Website Design Craft
BADC Bronze
Driven Website Self Promotion
BADC Bronze
Goldfinch Logo
BADC Finalist
Hymix Website
BADC Finalist
Dr Steve Andrews Logo
BADC Finalist
The Rally Kit UX Design
BADC Finalist
16 Antlers Logo
BADC Bronze
Mine Brand Identity
BADC Bronze
Lawcadia Brand Identity
ABC Gruen 'The Pitch' Winner
Our Motherland
BADC Bronze
Pioneer Seeds 'Precious' TVC
BADC Finalist
Farrier Logo
BADC Finalist
The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival Typography Craft
Brand Design Magazine
The Rabbit Hole

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